And just like that, it was Monday. Not just Monday, but the Monday of all Mondays. The Monday that comes after a lovely and relaxing holiday break.

All in all, I probably had a little more energy in the morning than I was expecting. I got a run in, I got caught up on some emails, and I made a deliberately doable to-do list for the first day back. I wanted to be realistic and be able to mark off some things that needed to be done, while probably leaving some of the more substantial stuff for the following days.

Henry was also back in therapy, and did reasonably well, all things considered. We sort of expected a total rebuke to having to return to that schedule, but he did really well for the first few hours, even if he did sputter out a bit by the end.

Sputtering out was apparently in the air, becasue boy did I ever sputter out by the afternoon. I had a cup of tea and revived myself as best I could. I also had some company in the office.

Later in the afternoon, Henry’s OT therapist came by. In kind of the opposite flow as he had in the morning, he was pretty resistant at the beginning, but then loosened up. By the end, the kids were playing some fun games and then painted dinosaurs they had gotten for Christmas.

After that, it was time to take Amealia to piano lessons, Erin had a dog training client, I made some dinner and then it was into the cleanup and bedtime routine. Back to the regular run of things. This even manifested in the fact that rather than stay up reading or watching a movie until the wee hours, as I often did on break, I was asleep on the couch by 10:30. Back to normal it is.