Just like that, it is a brand new year. We woke up on New Year’s Day and took our time getting up and getting going. As Amelia pointed out, it doesn’t feel all that different from last year. At this point, I suppose that is true, yet I do remain hopeful.

That said, I will say that in previous years I’ve been inclined to get excited about the fresh slate a new year brings, and for all the opportunities to do new things and grow. I still have that feeling, but given how quickly things flew off the rails in 2020, I’m sure I’m like many people out there in tamping down my optimism a little. My attitude is positive, but I’m realistic to know that we have a tough several months and possibly even year ahead. 

But all each of us can do is make the best of what we have and do our part, so that’s the way I’m embarking on it. Erin and I both signed up for Noom a few days, and I have to say the emphasis on mindfulness and starting to get back to healthier eating has me feeling better already. I’m working on improving my writing rhythm and building better habits as a whole in an effort to be my best self, both for me and for those around me.

And that’s why I chose today’s headline, “Duty Now For the Future.” It is the idea that putting our best effort forth in the present naturally builds a better future. It also happens to be the title of one of my favorite DEVO albums, and is emblazoned on the awesome new face mask I got for Christmas.

Big plans ahead, for sure, but we also took the time to enjoy a nice quiet day together, recognizing the sad fact that our holiday break is coming near a close. I did get some good, healthy cooking in. First, a yummy, veggie-packed southwest frittata for brunch. It was made heroically with my new Captain America spatula.

And for dinner, some shrimp with a mix of low-carb pasta with zucchini and carrot noodles, marinara sauce and a dairy-free roasted garlic cream sauce. 

It’s fewer calories than you’d think! OK, I went over my budget a bit for the day, but not by much and hey, it’s New Years. There are more than enough nondescript days in January to make it up. 

So here’s hoping for a healthy, happy and excellent 2021 for all of us. One step at a time, trying to make each day the best we can in the best ways we can. Duty now for the future.