The day after Christmas. The house was awash in boxes, toys and various bric-a-brac. The kids were up pretty early again, though at least not quite as early as on Christmas itself. We had a nice, quiet family morning together. Amelia and Erin worked on one of Amelia’s new LEGO sets.

And Henry sat next to me while I did a little reading from one of my new books.

After all that, of course, some Mario Kart! It is a fun game to play as a family, though really I feel like Amelia, Henry and I are mainly there as practice sparring partners for Erin’s pro-level skills. She is GOOD.

In the afternoon, we headed into Denver to check out some sales at the big REI flagship store there. We are hoping to do some snow shoeing this winter, and wanted to puruse the after Christmas clearance. We did our bit inside, and then let the kids play a little outside. It was a gorgeous day outside…about 60 degrees…and there are some great view of downtown and fun rocks to jump around on.


Back home, it was back to playing with toys, we had some dinner and hung out. Before bed, Henry treated us to a drum concert on the little toy set he got from Grandma and Pop Pop back on Halloween. He kept introducing each number by saying, “OK, ready? Let’s DANCE!”  And then he’d drum away.


He loves playing those things. There is such joy on his face when he does it. And here’s the thing…I think he’s pretty good. He just started really going at it the last few days, and he has a definite sense of rhythm and some real skills. We’re thinking about getting him a more sophisticated set and lessons for his birthday. Might have a young Elvin Jones or Gene Kroopa in our midst.