Full disclosure…I spent about a half an hour writing a breezy little blog post about Christmas Eve just now, was in the process of uploading the photos to finish it, and boom. Some wacky shenanigans and my entire post was lost.

I do this in WordPress, which for some reason likes to decide after I’ve been logged in for a few weeks to just kick me out and force me to log in again. This never happens when I’m going to start a post, it only happens when I’m partway (or all the way) through. And then I have to log back in and, I’m not kidding, I just spent 10 minutes doing “prove you’re not a robot” exercises. I guess they worry that Russian bots are hacking into blogs like this one, or are very concerned that I don’t know what a traffic light or fire hydrant looks like.

Understand, this was by no means some striking piece of literature that got lost. It was a pretty mundane post. Here on Day 283, I’m not sure the post would have made my top 200 best posts list. So the loss is not so much about a loss of something meaningful and important as it is about the fact that it’s 9:30pm on Christmas and I’m not super keen on writing it over again. But here are the main points.

The kids were excited it was Christmas Eve, and Henry has been asking A LOT about when Santa is coming. Not as many times as WordPress just asked me to identify school buses mind you, but a lot.

Amelia assured him that she would wake him up when she heard Santa arrive. She was quite confident in this plan.

Erin and I spent the day getting ready for Christmas, and I leaned into my love of making big holiday meals by following up yesterday’s ham with a turkey today. There will be many leftovers.

We had a lovely dinner, complete with the Christmas crackers we got a few days ago.

After dinner, I cleaned up the turkey for leftovers, and the dogs were right by my side the whole time.

Finally it was bedtime, and the kids looked great in their festive Christmas jammies.

After they were asleep, Erin and I got the last bits taken care of for Christmas morning, and I wrapped up the evening watching scenes from the old musical, Scrooge. I leave this truncated, take 2 of a post with one of my favorite numbers from that musical as a way of expressing my gratitude to all of you who have taken time to read this blog in the past several months. “Thank you very much.”