Tuesday was the first day of our family holiday break. Everyone’s school, work and therapy commitments were on pause, and we were on our own time for a little while. So the morning was delightfully lazy.

My toe injury from the previous day was on the mend, and I was still a little limpy, but doing lots better. We very purposefully had very little on the agenda, but did have something fun planned for the afternoon. A holiday tea party.

A few weeks ago, we had gotten carryout afternoon tea setups for the kids to Zoom with some other friends of theirs for a virtual tea party. So we ordered up something like that for ourselves. I drove down to Denver for curbside pickup, and brought all the goodies home.

We stacked up all the yummy sandwiches, scones and sweets and I brewed up some delicious Earl Grey. Erin and I enjoyed a glass of bubbly, as well.


It was all really delicious, and a fun new family holiday tradition for us.

Other than that, the day was pretty low key. I have been hoping to do some writing over Christmas break this year, and discovered Amelia is thinking the same thing. When I got back from picking up the tea party, Amelia showed me an illustrated book she is working on, all about her and her friend Hannah as fairies who team up to fight a ghost.

She read me the first few pages, and I like what I hear so far. She definitely has a knack for storytelling and I look forward to see what comes next. The fairies versus ghosts genre strikes me as one that has been woefully unexplored at this point.