It was a pretty low key Sunday, but notable for the fact that after many fits and starts over a month and a half, Erin and I were finally able to enjoy a belated anniversary outing. We’d had a few dinners and other things scheduled since November 7, but various COVID exposures and other unexpected obstacles kept blocking our efforts.

On Sunday, Grandma and Pop Pop took the kids to the zoo in the afternoon, so Erin and I were able to have lunch at a place in Denver that is doing those individual outdoor igloos. It was actually a warm enough day that we probably could have just sat outside, but the igloo experience was actually really cool.

I was too busy enjoying the experience, my wife’s company, the food and a glass of wine to stop and take my own photos, but I found this picture from a recent magazine article about the place.

In fact, I think we were actually seated in this exact igloo, so you can squint and pretend it was me and Erin. Just imagine it’s daytime and account for the fact that I do not have that sweet mustache the guy in the picture has.

Anyway, it was a really nice little getaway, and we considered walking around or spending some time in the city afterward, but the fact that we had some rare kid-free time made us realize that we were looking at a rare window for a nap back home, so we took advantage of that instead.

The kids got home around dinner time, and had a great time at the zoo. The regaled us with tales of the animals they saw, and we all enjoyed a nice evening together. I’d say that the weekend went too fast, which it did, but considering that Monday is my last day of work before a break, and also Henry’s last day of therapy for the year, the week ahead is one I can definitely handle.