Another Monday. It feels like I write a lot about Mondays in this blog. Like at least 1/7 of my posts end up being about Mondays.

I just did the math and this is the 39th Monday of the COVID era. I don’t even know how to comment on that.

Anyway, for Amelia, this is Spirit Week at school. It’s her last week of school for 2020, so there is a theme each day. Today was Warm and Cozy Day, where kids were encouraged to wear cozy hats or scarves. Amelia picked one out of her collection and wore it all day at her computer. I couldn’t help but think she looked like such a grown up wearing it.


As for Henry, we have to do remote telehealth with his therapists for a few days this week, which I assumed would be an interesting challenge. He wasn’t super receptive to start with, but eventually thawed and did pretty well with it.

I helped supervise the process for part of the morning, at one point multitasking with one ear on a conference call and another on Henry’s various table time activities.


It was a super busy morning, but I actually felt weirdly on top of things and felt good about how Henry’s therapy went, and about the work I was able to accomplish around it. Moments like that are rare for parents working at home these day, so I appreciated it.

But then, of course, I felt like I totally crashed in the afternoon. I was working on updating a presentation for a webinar I had to give the next day, but all I wanted to do was crawl into bed. 

Speaking of beds, the kids got a nice little early Christmas gift from Erin’s uncle and aunt, Kurt and Ruth, who live in Idaho. We saw them on Amelia’s birthday, when Amelia had just gotten her new loft bed, and Kurt, a guy who is handy with carpentry, offered to make a matching loft bed for Amelia’s American Girl dolls. Sure enough, it is the spitting mini-image of her bed, and she got a huge kick out of it. They also sent some cool Star Wars toys for Henry. Grandma and Pop Pop threw in an American Doll Christmas tree, and the kids had fun playing with all of it.


Later, it was time for Amelia’s piano lesson and I went to make myself a cup of coffee to help fuel the endeavor for me. Well, the brand new Nespresso machine we got just two weeks ago actually broke on us. The little cup that holds the coffee pod jammed, and when I did get it to move up, it just sprang out of the machine and that was that. Sigh.

While Amelia was in her lesson, I called customer support and Target and fortunately they processed an exchange for us. Later that evening I ran the busted one back, and a little confusion sorting out the process, but in the end it looks like we got a defective one and a new one is on the way. Not a big deal in the vast scheme of things, but admittedly, as tired as I was yesterday, it felt like just another thing. 

First world problems, FOR SURE. By the time I got back, it was time to put the kids to bed, and I capped out the night trying to trim back the presentation I was scheduled to give the next day, which was now way too long. Surprisingly, I fell asleep on the sofa while working on it.

So anyone out there having trouble sleeping, direct message me and I’ll Dropbox you my unedited concrete presentation.