Tuesday came around and I was still feeling a little sluggish, but on the upside I did have some pretty cute company on my lap while I got through my morning projects.


I had the usual odds and ends to work through, and was also working on some updates to a presentation I was scheduled to give for members of the US Green Building Council on Wednesday. Actually quite a lot of what I was working on this week was in the area of sustainability, which is something I care quite a lot about it. I think no matter what your job is, anytime you can focus on things that interest and inspire you, it does help move you through the day with a little more inspiration.

Also inspiring to me was the kids asking every few minutes if we can go to the park. It was a really nice day outside so after a few calls I had, I took a little time to make that happen. It had to be a quick visit, but the kids made the most of it. We had a fun round of playing superheroes at the playground Amelia declared our superhero secret base.


It was fun, and on the way home I was struck by a bit of grown up wisdom Amelia laid out. I asked if she had fun, and she said she did have fun at the park, but then followed up with, “But Tuesdays are the worst.”

Huh? I asked her why that was, and she went on to explain basically that Tuesdays are kind of like Mondays, but with less personality. Tuesdays are further away from the weekend, but you still have pretty much the whole week in front of you. She makes quite a good point. 

It is moments like this that I recognize that Amelia is some kind of old soul and way ahead of where I was at age 7. It took me 46 years to realize that Tuesdays are the worst, and it took my seven year old daughter to explain it to me.