We all had a case of the Mondays. Amelia didn’t want to get up, and grumbled about having to go to school. Dragging her through the morning routine of breakfast, getting dressed and getting ready, I started to wonder how we ever accomplished this when she actually needed to attend class in a place that wasn’t centrally located in our own house.

It also made me recognize how much fun it’s going to be to readjust to that when the world does open back up. But hey, I’ll be thankful to have to face that problem.

Anyway, I couldn’t really blame Amelia because I can’t say I was super keen on going to work that morning, either. I don’t know if it’s just a year of tribulation and insanity catching hold and weighing on me, but I was definitely dragging when this week started.

Henry, on the other hand, had most of the day off because his ABA therapist’s daughter came down with a stomach bug, so she couldn’t make it. He happily spent a good chunk of the day playing, watching movies and coloring.

As I tried to force some kind of focus and work, I was being distracted by both dogs. Islay, the puppy, has reached the delightful phase where she wants to chew EVERYTHING. It felt like every time I’d get her away from one thing and start to clean it up, she was already busy tearing into something else. No wicker is safe in our house right now.

Asta was also in a particularly needy mood and would bark at me and strongly hint that I should drop what I’m working on and throw the damn ball already. Here’s an example of her subtle body language, clearly laying a guilt trip on me.

After I dealt with that, I realized I didn’t know where Islay was so I looked around, thinking I’d find her destroying something, and it turned out she was actually a few feet away, totally passed out.

Ah, the life of a puppy. Lucky goobers. Anyway, we did all power through the day, and in the evening had another Zoom meet up, this time with my brother and sister-in-law, Dave and Jess. It was great, and as with our other conversations over the weekend, it was awesome to connect with people and catch up.

If something good comes out of this lousy year, it’s definitely that we are getting better at long distance communication. It does feel better to actually see the people you are talking to, versus old-timey phone calls. Plus, do you remember how sore your ear would get after holding a phone receiver up to it for an hour or so? Yeah, I don’t miss that nonsense.