We had another Zoomy day on Sunday, with a couple calls scheduled. Good stuff, but I definitely started out the day groggy and tired. Part of it was probably because I stayed up a little too late watching Mank on Netflix (which I highly recommend for fellow film nerds out there), and it was also one of those nights I just had really amped up, anxious dreams.

Usually when I have those sorts of dreams, it’s not way out there monsters and aliens or anything, it’s just like having a somewhat mundane, but stressful day at work or something else. I think part of why those dreams can be so exhausting is that they often don’t really feel like dreams because there aren’t flying polar bears or anything weird like that.

I often don’t really remember them, but for some reason I did remember this one. It was that for some reason I was supposed to cook an enormous Thanksgiving dinner for some old customers of mine from my last job. I was stressing out about how to cook for 100 people, I didn’t have any of the ingredients I needed, and I remember being super stressed about getting the timing of it all right. Like in this whole absurd scenario, the biggest thing I’d be worried about are the potatoes coming to a boil too soon.

Anyway, we all took it a little easy in the morning and then I got my act together to head into Denver to pick up a little something special Erin had ordered. She discovered this great little tea and pastry shop that actually puts together full on tea party sets for kids. So Erin ordered a set for our kids, and another set for some good friends’ kids who live nearby. This way, the kids could connect via Zoom for a virtual tea party. It was super cute.


It was a big hit, and the kids had lots of fun talking and eating their little pastries and treats. It was super cool and definitely something we’ll do again.

A little later in the afternoon, we connected with another nearby family we are missing, Tiffany, Tim, Ellis and Finn. After a few fits and starts with WiFi issues, we had a really nice chat and enjoyed catching up.

As hard as this time is, it does really help to try to stay connected to people as best we can. We’re really trying to make an effort, especially this time of year. It means a lot for the kids, and for we grown ups too, to have some kind of human interaction. Even if it is on a screen that freezes up and gets herky jerky sometimes. Suddenly Max Headroom seems really prophetic.