I’ll be making this a short post, in part because I’m writing about Friday, which was a fairly uneventful day, while coasting out to the end of Saturday, which was a pretty busy day.

Friday morning did start out with a particularly sweet moment, however, with Henry adorably playing with little Islay.

After that, the day marched on as they do. I remember before Thanksgiving thinking that several of the weeks leading up to it really felt like they dragged on, but this one went by in the blink of an eye. Even with a bit of a slow, post-holiday launch, it had been a pretty productive week on the work front.

And Friday was a good capper. I had a few calls in the morning that went really well. I’ve been in talks with a new company to join our organization, and closed that deal. And I also had a really good conversation with a large, international architecture firm who sought me out for some help writing their sustainability specifications for precast concrete. Sustainable design is something I care about deeply, so any time I get to engage and geek out on that front, I enjoy it.

Beyond that, it was just wrapping up some other odds and ends, doing some late afternoon grocery shopping, and ordering in some pizza for dinner. And after the kids were in bed, Asta and I sat out front and took in the latest episode of The Mandalorian.”

It was a mighty fine Friday.