There has been no shortage of stuff going wrong this year. Like, big stuff. Society crippling, mind-bending, life-altering stuff. Going wrong. So it feels weird sometimes griping about the puddly crap that goes wrong and just feels so 2020. But weird or not, that’s what I’m going to do today.

Thursday just felt like one of those days. And it started off OK enough. Work was pretty good, and Amelia decided to join me to do her asynchronous learning in my office. It was fun having an office mate.


But for some reason, when we reached the evening, that’s where things started to go funky. I was talking to Erin upstairs when I noticed the outside Christmas lights go on. Regular readers may recall that back on Day 256, I went through some rather extreme efforts, including falling off a ladder, to put up some lights on the big pine tree in our front yard.

Well, as luck has it, a long set of lights that covers about half the tree went dead. And guess which half of the tree? Of course, it’s the top half.

Had the bottom lights gone dead, it would take me about 15 minutes to redo. But the top? Yeah, that’s a different story. Sigh.

Oh well, it’s a bummer, but I’ll deal with it, I guess. The conversation we were having was about dinner and ultimately we decided to keep it simple and just make some chicken nuggets and fries. I got the oven preheated and realized that we were low on those particular supplies in our kitchen freezer, so I went downstairs to our basement freezer, where we keep reserves of this kind of thing.

When I got down there, I discovered the door the freezer was partially open. A box inside had prevented it from shutting. I went through my mental notes to figure out when I was last down at the freezer, and the sad answer was, like, 3 days ago.

I went through what was in the freezer, and while a few things like stock and some other odds and ends that were deeply frozen seemed OK, the several bags of chicken nuggets we had were squishy and highly questionable.

So I went upstairs, kicking myself that I had essentially ruined a stockpile of frozen food and exploded the plan for dinner that night. To be fair, a lot of what was in there is oldish and it was time to go through it anyway, but the biggest bummer to me was that my precious bolognese sauce, which I spent a few hours making on Day 258, never froze and was now tepid and lost. I shed a tiny tear as I dropped it in the trash.

So dinner plans soggified, it was off to McDonald’s. In the end, the kids were far happier with that outcome anyways. Yeah, the lights and my sauce loss sucks, but oh well. In some weird way, it’s almost comforting to know that Murphy’s Law still applies in a year where everything seems wrong. In that context, having “one of those days” where the little stuff goes wrong doesn’t seem all that bad after all.