Mid week, and at least it finally felt like I was picking up a little momentum. It been another less than great night’s sleep between Henry and the new puppy, but we got through and all got to it on Wednesday morning. 

Henry’s therapist had a conflict, so he got to spend some good morning cuddle time with Islay.

As usual, the little pup plays hard and then crashes hard. She and Asta had a very active play session and we found her like this in her bed.


Cuteness aside, it was also cleaning day. Amelia has early release on Wednesdays, so in the afternoon she and Henry both pitched in nicely with the dusting.

Me, I had a presentation and a bunch of various administrative work to catch up on. I also took in a few sessions in a virtual concrete conference. So this was how I spent a chunk of my morning:

Please contain your jealousy.

It was a busy day, but a good busy, and at least for a few hours, the closest I felt to a productive stride since coming back from the holiday.

The past few days, the kids have been pleading, “can we go SOMEWHERE?” Of course, with COVID running rampant these days, that’s easier said than done. But, even though it was bitter cold outside, I agreed to take them to the park before the sun went down.

We went to the tunnel park, and the good news was that we had the place all to ourselves. The bad news was that the reason we had the place to ourselves was that no one else was nuts enough to be out in that cold. But the kids sure didn’t mind and had a lot of fun and adventures. Amelia had us playing superheroes and on the hunt for monsters and villains.


Fortunately, those monsters never turned up. For quite a while. I kept thinking, “OK, another minute and we should go,” because god help me, I couldn’t feel my hands. But I saw how much fun they were having and how happy they were in their imaginary adventure out of the house, and how lucky we were to be in a big outdoor play area with no one to worry about getting too close to us…I had to let it go on. 

I never fail to be amazed at how strong the kids are through all of this, and how they can keep a positive attitude and deal with restrictions to their fun in ways that, quite frankly, a lot of grown ups can’t. I want them to be able to fully enjoy the moments they can when its safe, and in this case it was worth my having some numb hands for a while.

When the sun set, I did finally have to pull the plug and I think even the kids were ready to go, because I got no complaints. It probably also helped that we got in the car to go and get pizza, which they were quite happy about. 

And that was about it, really. Did our usual evening routine and I was out pretty early. If I did have trouble drifting off, I had the memories of several concrete seminars to replay in my mind.