It was Sunday. The end of a lovely and busy holiday weekend, and the shock absorber the rests between the bliss of vacation and the impending dread of Monday morning.

I think that was probably weighing on all of us a little bit. Amelia told me a few times that she didn’t want to go back to school, and I told her I could relate because I wasn’t super keen to get back to work, either. But we committed to enjoying this last restful day.

And restful it was, because we were all really, really tired. Even the dogs. Turns out a few days of epic chasing and playing will do that.

The general vibe of these photos of Asta and Islay also captures the amount of energy the grown ups in the house had on Sunday. Erin and I did our very best to take it easy. We took shifts, switching off having naps and keeping an eye on the kids and puppies. 

The kids played together really nicely, doing a lot of imagination play. They set up a whole Peppa Pig toy villlage and they were re-enacting some of their favorite episodes. Henry was even putting on a British accent, which I can honestly say was better than anything Kevin Costner did in Robin Hood: Prince of Theives

While I was hanging out with little Islay in the kitchen during my awake shift, I decided to use the time to make one of my favorite turkey leftover dishes, turkey bolognese. It’s a recipe I came across several years ago, and it involves first a nice slow simmer of a simple marinara sauce, and then adding in the turkey and other stuff to make a lovely and hearty sauce. I don’t get around to making it every year, but I was really craving it and enjoyed some for dinner and froze the rest.

I rounded out the evening watching my Green Bay Packers turn in one of their occasional good performances against the rival Chicago Bears. And yes, I do get to say “my” Green Bay Packers because I own one share of Packers stock. I am an NFL owner.

Like Amelia, I was dreading the start of the week. It means back to work, back to reality, and also back to less constant and decadent eating. But I enjoyed every last moment of the last day of Thanksgiving break. I even had a little pie around 11pm. I believe in going out strong.