Saturday, we entered phase two of Christmas decorating. Erin and I had some things to do in the morning, and in the afternoon we all went to work decorating our new Christmas tree. The kids really got into it, and Henry has been asking all week if he could put on the star.


He did a great job. When it was all done, Amelia was thrilled to show it off.

That done, our house is now all set for the holidays. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Erin and the kids did a fab job decorating inside.


Other than that, the day was pretty relaxed. Asta and Islay are getting more used to each other and having a great time playing together. What began as a game of catch, with me on the floor tossing Asta’s octopus toy, turned into a titanic game of tug o’ war between the two.

Islay has been chewing rugs and everything else in sight, so when I went out to pick up a few groceries, I grabbed a few more chew toys for the girls. Islay clearly enjoyed this rope.

And now entering the next leftovers phase, we got away from the direct Thanksgiving dinner redux and into other uses for the turkey. Tonight it was some yummy turkey enchiladas with a green sauce.


Muy delicioso. By the time we wrapped up dinner and putting things away, it was bedtime for me. After that, I had a nice relaxing stretch on the couch, enjoying a 2019 edition of Bourbon County Stout. It was a nice capper to a fun and festive day. And that stuff is pretty strong, so bedtime for me quickly followed.