‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, Asta was definitely stirring. This was the day we were set to pick up our new puppy, and I know she could sense for a few weeks that something was up. She was extra clingy and loving, as if to remind us who the number one pup was. Not that this needs reminding…Asta is awesome and we love her like crazy. It is our hope that having a playmate will turn out to be a good thing for her.

Before that big moment, though, we had some things to do for Thanksgiving. I ran out to pick up any last odds and ends, including the turkey itself. Ever since we moved out here, we have ordered fresh turkeys from a local butcher shop, so it’s part of my holiday ritual to go and pick that up.

All that accomplished, we took Asta for a quick family walk together, then loaded up in the car to go pick up the new addition to the family.

The breeder met outside and we all wore masks and kept our distance. Our puppy, little Islay (pronounced AYE-luh) got to spend a few last minutes with her mother and sister. The sister is going off to a family and Texas, and we do keep in touch with the breeders, and Islay and Asta have the same parents, so we’ll likely see them again. We knew it was going to be a stressful day for her, but she did great and we were excited to take her home.

For those readers who don’t know, Erin is a professional dog trainer and she thought it best that Asta meet her new sister somewhere other than in the house or in our yard, to minimize any territorial response. So we had them meet around the corner from our house.

The meeting went really well, and when we got home, the two got along really well. Asta had moments here and there of being a little perplexed or jealous, but mostly I think she was excited to have someone to chase around with.


Islay also did really well, and immediately seemed mighty relaxed in her new surroundings. She is GREAT with the kids, too. Maybe it helps that Amelia made her this great welcome home banner.


And she is such a cuddler. Come on, give me a break. Even my oftentimes icy heart was melting.


We may have reached pinnacle cuteness for the day when she took a nap and slowly slid out of her bed.


All in all, it was a successful introduction to the family. This has been a rough year, and I know this is not the Thanksgiving anyone planned for, but I have to say…puppies do make things better.