I would complain about oh, another Monday, but the fact is that is is a super short week for all of us. Like, one day. Henry had therapy, Amelia is off from school, and I was originally going to take the whole week off when my sister and her family were coming to visit, but with COVID putting that on hold, I decided to work Monday and take Tuesday through the end of the week off.

It actually wound up being a pretty productive day, I think because it was kind of a bonus day I wasn’t originally planning on. I was able to get caught up on a bunch of stuff, and I could tell from all the out office responses I got that a lot of other folks were indeed taking the whole week.

Of course, the day started out with an assignment, not from work, but from the kids. You see, Henry has a little squeeze ball that happens to be kind of sticky and, well….

Yeah, it got stuck on the ceiling. So I got the step stool and got that down for them, and was the hero for five minutes until it wound up right back up there.

In other news, Henry’s therapist brought the makings for gingerbread houses, which was super sweet of her. The kids worked on those together.

They were struggling to get the roof to stay up, so I got to have a fun talk with them about load bearing walls and proper support calculations. Given, my expertise is much more in the area of concrete than cookie, but I’m sure some of the same principles apply.

Later in the afternoon, I took the kids to the school parking lot to practice riding their bikes. Amelia has been asking for a few days and when I looked at the weather and saw snow on the docket for Tuesday, I figured it was now or never. They both had fun going up and down the lot, and I once again have taken note of how fast these kids grow because their helmets are getting mighty tight.


After a little biking, I let them play around at the park for a few minutes before the sun set.


I made some yummy veggie yellow curry for dinner, and we all settled in to watch Elf. Henry got a little bored and requested to go to bed early. There’s no accounting for taste, clearly. Little boys may ask to go to bed in the middle of a movie…us old fellows just fall asleep in the chair.