Sunday morning was nice and low key. Everyone just took it easy, we had a little breakfast and hung out. It was a chilly start to the day, but the afternoon was sunny and lovely, so we decided to take a nice, long family walk.

The fresh air and sunshine did us all well, and for the fact that we walked about three miles, the kids did minimal complaining. Though I will give props to Henry for doing a sort of dirt-kicking shuffle for most of that distance. I imagine that’s got to be hard on the quads.

It was great family time and we always take the time to stop and enjoy the view along the way.

The carrot we dangled in front of the kids to get them to do this walk was that we would go to the park afterward, which we did do for a few minutes.

They had fun, and it’s just occurring to me that the whole “dangling the carrot” metaphor doesn’t work so great with my kids. They tolerate carrots, but I don’t seem them jumping over any hoops for them. Park time works, though.

But I digress. We got home and watched the second half of the Packers/Colts game, which would have been great if we were Colts fans. As a recovering hard-core Packers fan, I’ll say that was the kind of game that would have made me surly for days afterward a decade ago, but these days, I just shrug and move on with my evening. 

And a good evening it was. After dinner we got on a Zoom call with our good friend Kallin. She lives in Chicago, and apparently the last time I wrote about one of these meetups, I typoed and called her “Kallin Chicago,” which would be a badass name for a crime/mystery TV show. And I kind of want to just call her “Kallin Chicago” from now on.

But anyway, we did play several rounds of Uno, and had lots of fun and laughs together.


Amelia has an uncanny ability to collect Draw Fours in her hand, and has NO problem applying them liberally. I swear sometimes her entire hand must be Draw Fours. Poor Erin bore the brunt of much of it, but got some comeuppance when a Reverse card was at last played.

In the end, I think Henry won the most hands. He is quite the Uno shark, let me tell you. It was great seeing our friend, and while we all lament that for many of us, this holiday season is going to be more physically secluded than any of us would like, I’m thankful that we do at least have ways to stay in touch with those we care about.

Oh, and if you have a problem. If no one else can help. If you can find her, maybe you can hire…Kallin Chicago.