Wednesday was…well, a Wednesday. Overall it was a pretty ordinary day. There were little flourishes throughout, but all in all this has been one of those weeks that has been fairly uneventful, but yet super exhausting.

I did get out in the morning and got a little boost from the the clear view of the mountains we had that day.

Back at the house, the kids were having a nice little hangout with Asta.

When Amelia had some art to do for school, she decided to make a special welcome picture for our new puppy, Islay (pronounced “EYE-luh”). We are picking her up in one week, and the kids are clearly excited. It is a good likeness.

Just before dinner, we took a few minutes to have a Zoom call with my parents so we could check in my Mom, who was just recently diagnosed with COVID. Thankfully she seems to be doing OK, and now we are keeping fingers crossed that others in the family are OK, too.

For dinner, I made some what turned out to be pretty lackluster salmon. I tried something new, with some olive oil, lemon zest, garlic and herbs de Provence, and it was fine, but that was about all you could say about it. Of course, I also made some mushroom risotto, and that rocked, but still the salmon…meh. I guess it goes to show that some days even lemon zest can’t pull things out of the blahs.

I capped off the day by having a nice sit out in our backyard, taking in the crisp autumn air and sitting by the fire.

Asta got all tough and barked at the fire, but eventually calmed down when I got her a bone.

Was it a thrilling day? No, but it was a day and there’s a brand new one coming up tomorrow.