Every day I sit down to write this blog, often late at night, and use the time to reflect on the feelings, experiences and general goings-on of the day before.

Sometimes I come up snake eyes on that roll.

So my dear, very appreciated reader, today is one of those posts where I don’t have a whole lot to say. Monday was pretty drab, even for a Monday. Sure, some things happen. This is life, and they always do. Like I typed some things into my computer. I had a piece of bacon. And one time I got kind of thirsty, but my water bottle was empty, so I put more water in it.

Thrilling! Hollywood is going to want the rights to this wild adventure.

About the most interesting thing I can conjure is that in a fit of early Christmas anticipation, I impulse bought a bunch of Chex to make Chex Mix. I have an unhealthy addiction to Chex Mix, and tend only to make it around the holidays to avoid the temptation, but what the hell. It’s been a year.

So I made a batch. The kids love it too, and when I put it on the counter to cool, they asked if they could have some. I told them to let it cool for a few minutes, but it was no use. They went right to it. I asked if I could put some in a bowl for them, but they just wanted to eat it off the counter. Fair enough.

It was buttery, salty goodness. And if that’s the highlight of the day, you could do worse. Oh, and I made hamburgers for dinner. Or as they call them in Albany, “steamed hams.” Mmmmm…steamed hams.