Some days are just one of those days. Saturday was just one of those. I’m not going to dive into deep detail because sometimes it’s best to just save the drama fo’ yo’ mama. In my case, my mama also is not a big fan of drama, so I’m not going to bother saving it at all.

Suffice to say, we fielded a few curveballs and had some changes in plans and everyone was a bit out of sorts, but we decided to turn things around and have fun family evening. There were games and tons of junk food, and we told the kids they could eat whatever they wanted for dinner. Henry said, “Cake!” Okee doke, cake it is.

We went to Target to pick up a few things and I let Henry pick out a cake. he went for a Batman one.

It was pretty darn good, and Batman is always the best. He is a powerful hero. But not as powerful as whatever dye they used in the frosting. I had a piece and I think my lips are still blue 24 hours later.

We had fun hanging out and watching movies, and after the kids were down to bed, there was finally time for me to do some work on my 48-hour 5-page screenplay challenge. My assignment was a romantic  comedy, set in a garden, incorporating a clothesline. Easy, right?

I did have an idea I felt pretty good about, and starting slogging through. By the time I finally ran out of steam around 12:30, I had written about 4 pages…of garbage. It was a start, but I knew I needed to sleep on it. One of the most important skills as a writer is being able to look at what you’ve worked on and say, “wow, what a pile of trash, I can’t hit the ‘delete’ key fast enough.”

But hey, tomorrow is another day. Forward!