Friday, I had a pretty busy morning with some conference calls and other work stuff. Later in the afternoon, I went out on the weekly grocery run and took Henry with me. He is always a good shopping buddy, and while I know some kids really struggle with wearing masks, Henry actually likes it and does quite well with it.

We got the groceries and then stopped at my favorite liquor store to start scouting wine and goodies for Thanksgiving. I recently found out that this store occasionally gets beer from Half Acre, which was kind of my go-to brewery in Chicago. Much to my glee, it turned out that they did have some in this week!


Daisy Cutter was my gateway pale ale, and the beer that got me into IPAs in the first place.  So it felt like a taste of the old days sipping on that one.


After we got home, we did a quick Zoom call with Grandma and Grandpa Schneider. The kids love reading stories to them, specifically Grover books, so they did just that.


After the call,  we ordered some pizza and the kids had a fun night playing around. Friday has become pizza night for us, and there is no complains from any of us on that ring. Good way to wrap up a week.