Wednesday was Veteran’s Day. It is obviously a very solemn and important day all around the world, having begun after WWI as Armistice Day or Rememberance Day, and honoring the lives of those who served and lost their lives.

So first of all, let me offer an enormous thanks to all those who have served. And secondly, I had a chance to explain some of this to Amelia because the way she basically understood Veteran’s Day was that it is a day off from school. So when she greeted me at 6:30am, it was with a very enthusiastic,
“Happy Veteran’s Day, Dad!” The tone was the same as if it had been my birthday, Christmas or the birthday of one her stuffies. Which, to be fair, is most days.

But I did take a moment to explain to her that it is in fact a solemn occasion and while of course it’s awesome that she has the day off school, the overall tone should probably come down a bit.

Amelia does like to play with Henry and his ABA therapist when she can, so it was good for her to be blue to do some of that during times when Henry wasn’t in specific activities. As for me, I had a presentation and a bunch of work to do, and the day went by pretty quickly.

Henry took a bit of a nap in the afternoon and when he woke up, the kids asked if we could go to the park. I was wrapping up my work for the day and we had a little time before susnset, so I said sure.

It was pretty chilly outside and we bundled up and masked up. Asta joined us, too.


Amelia even pretended to sleep on the park bench, I guess playing a spirited game of “Hobo.”

It was fun, and we partied to the break of sunset, which these days is pretty darn early. When we got home, I made dinner and Henry was clowning around with a plastic bowl, and strongly insisted I take this picture.

Let’s face it…a bowl on the head IS funny. The kid knows comedy.