Friday was the first day of our week or so new quarantine, after having found out Erin was in contact with someone last weekend who later tested positive for COVID. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the chances of transmission appear slim and we all seem to be just fine, but we are following the protocols out of an abundance of caution.

The day started out with a very pleasant surprise. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been trying to sleep train Henry the past couple of weeks and it’s been a struggle. But Friday morning, I woke up around 6 and realized I hadn’t heard from Henry. I looked in the monitor and sure enough, still asleep. I think he rolled in around 6:30. HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. In his own bed!

Erin and I were jubliant, and praised him up and down. He was so proud, and we are super proud of him. We had promised him donuts if he pulled off this feat, and he said “I want ALL the donuts!” All the donuts he can have, so I ran out to the nearby Dunkin drive through and got Henry’s prize. I was a little surprised to discover Dunkin has already moved on to holiday packaging.

The kids had really been looking forward to a sleepover at Grandma and Pop Pop’s this weekend, and they were super disappointed at the change in plans, but we promised them we’d do our best to make it fun and enjoy some time together as a family.

So we started Friday night with tried and true family fun stuff…pizza and games. Amelia had recently been waxing nostalgic about a time a few months ago where we made pizzas, so we decided to do that. The kids really love putting the sauce on and sprinkling that cheese.


Amelia asked with excitement, “Can we put as much cheese as we want on it?” And I said, “Sure!” So cheese it up they did. And I made a nice veggie pizza for Erin and me. The pizzas came out looking lovely.


Of course, Amelia looked at hers and said, sounding skeptical, “that’s kind of a lot of cheese.” Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

Cheese quantity being what it was, everyone still enjoyed their pizzas and we had a nice dinner together. After cleaning things up, it was off to play some games!

First up was Team Guess Who, with Erin and Henry versus Amelia and me. The funniest part was Erin trying to get Henry to ask questions. Erin would say, “OK, ask if the person is wearing a hat?” To which Henry would just answer yes or no. This process was repeated numerous times and the cracked smile on his face has me thinking he was doing schtick and playing it for laughs. Frankly, it was working. It was really funny.

Henry’s questioning jokes aside, their team still mopped the floor with us. From there we moved onto some Yahtzee, which is a game I used to love as a kid and Amelia really likes now.

When it was time for bed, Asta had the zoomies, big time. She was running around like cray upstairs and Erin and the kids were throwing her toy for her, trying to wear her out a little.


It eventually worked. And heaven knows the rest of us were worn out. Fun family night, achieved.