Thursday, or as it could be called this week, Tuesday Part 3, arrived and I was definitely dragging. I know I’ve mentioned a few times in this week’s posts that we’ve been working hard on Henry’s sleep the past few weeks, and the interrupted sleep has been taking a toll. 

I feel like I started out the day pretty well…got some work done, and the coffee kept me afloat, but my energy level plummeted as the day went on. But on the plus side, I had some great company in my office with me throughout the day.


I had to moderate a webinar, and use before getting on, we got a bit of a curveball thrown at us. For those readers who don’t know, Erin had a business as a dog trainer for lots of years, and kind of went on hiatus for a while, but has taken a few clients lately. She met with a new one over the weekend, and on Thursday we found out that person tested positive for COVID-19.

The good news is that we all feel fine, Erin and her client both wore masks and practiced proper distancing, but our doctor suggested we quarantine as a precaution. Erin went to get a test, and we are waiting on results. So we are sticking at home into next weekend.

This is just the way life is right now, unfortunately. You can do all the right things and COVID can still step on in. By this time I imagine most everyone has had at least one brush with it. In this case, the timing is a bummer because our plan had been to have the kids stay the weekend with their grandparents this weekend so we could celebrate our anniversary on Saturday. But nobody can control this kind of thing and here we are. It’s just so 2020.

Safety is the most important thing, so our anniversary date night will have to wait. We will celebrate, but just a little differently. We had to break the news to the kids that they wouldn’t be having a sleepover and they were understandably disappointed. These are tough times and it’s hard to make these little sacrifices sometimes, but we do it in order to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Bummer though it is, we told the kids we’d do our best to have a fun weekend together in the days ahead. We started with a nice game of dinosaur match. Amelia insisted on having her sock monkey, Saki, and her baby doll also play along, so it got pretty complex. And Asta constantly sitting on the cards certainly didn’t make it easier.

I’ve been playing this game with Amelia for years. It includes lots of kid friendly words like Parasaurolophus and Dimetrodon, which somehow my kids are better at pronouncing than I am. Also, we parents all get the urge sometimes to sort of sandbag games to let our kids win. When it comes to memory games with Amelia, I stopped doing that ages ago. Because even when I’m sincerely trying, she mops the floor with me.

After a round or two of that, it was time for bed. And while I had stayed up a little late the previous two nights tracking election news, at this point I was just way too exhausted and called it an early night. I was so tired, I knocked out pretty easily into a nice peaceful sleep. Like so many nights before this one, I figured I’d wake up to news delivering more clarity. This time for sure, right?