Of course, I stayed up a little too late waiting on nonexistent election results on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. And the sleep challenges with Henry continue, so I was u a few extra times during the short window where sleep could happen.

Suffice to say, I was pretty darn tired on Wednesday morning. But, the kids had their stuff and I had work to do, so I dran a bunch of coffee and pushed on through. I even had to give a webinar, which was a nice bit of fun on a day where you’re feeling like a super distracted zombie.

My wardrobe choice reflected my overall feelings about humanity that day. With all the chaos, confusion and insanity in the air,  I sported the tee of my favorite band, Devo.  For decades, Devo  has espoused the theory that DE-evolution is real. That feels hard to dispute in this moment. We’re all DEVO.

But I managed to muddle through the day, and the kids were extra good while I was working in the afternoon, so I offered to take them to what we call “The Tunnel Park,” which is one of their favorites. And on the way there, I’m happy to say that Amelia was inspired by my shirt and asked me to play some Devo songs, which I always mark down as a win in my parenting book.

It was a beautiful autumn evening, and I enjoyed watching them run around while also watching the sun set over the mountains.


It is an awesome park, and beautiful views really helped center me a little.

After that, it was back home for dinner, bedtime, a little more election news consumption and off to bed. Not much insightful to say today, I’m afraid. I think this a week where we’re all pretty tired, frazzled and stressed. Even by the standards of the age of COVID. Maybe tomorrow will make more sense. Or not.