Boo! On Saturday, the big day arrived. Halloween. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the kids love Halloween and have been talking about it for months. We did make the decision a few weeks ago to pass on trick or treating this year. This is a bummer, for them and frankly even for us, because we live an an awesome Halloween neighborhood. People really get into it, and it’s a really fun energy out there going door to door with the kids.

But better safe than sorry, so we broke the news to them a little while back that we’d be doing things differently this year. We were going to have a little party at their grandparents’ house, and maybe knock on the doors of a neighbor or two in their close circle in their community. We’d instead focus on some games and do our best to make it fun. I was worried how they’d react, since they both love trick or treating so much, but I was pleased to discover that they were pretty adaptable and understanding for this, too.

Early in the day, Erin and I had some things to do and Amelia’s good friend Hannah from down the street came over for a little backyard play date. Both kids were excited and they had lots of fun playing on what turned out to be a really beautiful (if a bit windy) day.

We could see our neighbors, who have for many years put together majorly impressive Halloween displays, working on this year’s masterpiece.


Later in the afternoon, we got suited up in our costumes and headed over to Grandma and Pop Pop’s. Henry was Captain Underpants, Amelia was Ariel the Little Mermaid, Erin wore her traditional ghost shirt and I was Egon from Ghostbusters.


Even Asta got into the act. Not voluntarily, of course, but she made a heck of an adorable Ghostbuster partner for me. She didn’t love wearing the uniform, but she put up with it and was a good sport.


Grandma and Pop Pop had set up a little candy treasure hunt around their house, and the kids went around finding candy in lots of clever hiding places. We also we walked over to two neighbors’ houses and did a quick distanced trick or treat, to at least get a little bit of the experience in. Then it was back to Grandma and Pop Pop’s for the rest of the party.

Pop Pop had gotten some dry ice earlier in the day, and the kids joined Grandma in making some witches’ brew.


We were also joined by Nick and Wanda…good friends of Erin’s parents who live down the street and have become like an extra set of grandparents for Amelia and Henry. We were glad they could join us.


Pop Pop had also set up a scavenger hunt, so the kids went around the house, finding fun clues and eventually getting a little present.

Erin’s parents were kind enough to gift Henry a drum set.


I’ve often asked myself, “I wonder if there are ways to make Henry louder?” But seriously, he is so into music and rhythm, and he is going to get a heck of a lot of use of that. Thank goodness Erin’s parents also gifted me noise cancelling headphones a few years ago.

After a great party, we headed back home. I took a moment to go over and check out the neighbor’s 2020 display. It was great as always.


The amazing thing with those guys is that by like noon the next day, you wouldn’t know anything was ever there. They take it all down so quickly.

The kids were exhausted and thankfully knocked out pretty quickly. I then headed downstairs to take in my annual tradition of watching Bride of Frankenstein on Halloween night. I am a big fan of the old Universal monster movies, and that has always been among my favorites.

So I will close today with a toast given in the movie. “To a new world of gods and monsters!”