Short post tonight, gang. Thursday was pretty uneventful for the most part. Work, school, therapy, all the usual stuff.

I made a yummy deconstructed potsticker meal for dinner, and Erin had the great idea to take a little walk after we ate. Asta really needed the excerise, the weather was perfect, and it was a great evening to look at the Halloween decorations around the neighborhood. Some houses around here really go all out.

We walked over near what Henry calls “the spooky house,” which has a lawful of blow up decorations. Some are spooky, and others are more kid focused, like a vampire Spongebob or Chase from Paw Patrol.

We’ve been by their place a few times, and the kids are always in awe.


We walked around some more, and then took in the sights at our neighbors across the way, that always put on a great Halloween show. This is just the beginning. The rest will go up the day before and day of Halloween.


When we got home, we engaged in the longtime Halloween season tradition…the viewing of the Great Pumpkin.


The kids love it, and while I’d like to say it is a super special thing we do this time of year, the fact is that they actually watch it here and again all year round. Still, after watching it myself for 40-something years, it still doesn’t get old to me either.