As predicted, we woke up to a gentle covering of snow on Sunday morning. 

Yes, it’s early in the season and I know the stock response is, “AW man, can you believe this weather? Daggummit.”

OK, maybe nobody says “daggummit,” but you get the idea.

But the fact is, I kind of like the snow. It’s cold outside, cozy inside, and there is something very tranquil about the lovely layer of snow over things. And admittedly, part of the reason I like living in Colorado is that the snow never seems to hang around all that long. Within a few days it’ll be gone, so it’s a nice little visit with winter, without having to commit just yet.

In any case, it was a perfect excuse to have a lazy Sunday that involved a lot of sitting by the fire, watching football and reading. Not gonnna’ lie, it was a really, really nice Sunday. My choice of reading is a book called The Race to Save the Romanovs, because I figured I’d escape the politically fraught and stressful days we’re living in by reading about the relatively stable and tranquil days of WWI and the Russian Revolution. 

The kids were also excited to see the snow, and wanted to get out and test out their winter coats and gloves. They loved romping around in the fresh powder.


It was pretty clear that Asta is a more mature dog than she was a year ago, since she came in after about two minutes and got under a blanket with Erin.

Another thing I love about cold and snowy days is making some yummy comfort food, and today that was roasting a chicken and making a mini batch of my Thanksgiving stuffing. Yeah, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but man I love that stuff.

So, a lovely, cozy Sunday, filled with comfort food. Nice way to wrap up a weekend.