Monday was really a Monday. I was dragging, and even Henry woke up pretty cranky. But, we muddled through the morning and tried to get some momentum going.

It was a fairly busy day, by Monday standards. Not helped by the fact that it was a beautiful fall day…the kind that makes you want to curl up under a blanket, take lots of naps and watch uniformative TV.

Since I couldn’t do any of that, I did the next best fallish thing I could think of…make soup in the crock pot! I went to a recipe I recently saw my sister, Rosemary, post for a vegetable chowder.


It was delicious, and made for the perfect autum lunch.

Anyway, it was a pretty busy day, and we all had stuff to do. Henry had both ABA and occupational therapy. He had good days in both. He has really been engaging more with his therapists lately and doing a great job doing what he needs to do, so that has been good to see.

Amelia had school, and also had piano lessons late in the day, but in between those things, Erin took her out shopping to stock up on some colder weather clothes. Indeed, summer is quickly vanishing in the rearview mirror…I saw a forecast for a day this weekend with a high of TWENTY-FOUR. Yikes, it feels a little early for that kind of thing. Probably a good idea for Amelia to have some clothes with sleeves.

So it was off to Target for the ladies. And they returned with a nice haul of sweet new threads.


Amelia was particularly proud of her new Stitch (of Lilo & Stitch fame) sweatshirt.


She also really digs her new winter coat, and frankly so do I. It is mighty cool.


After getting all of that unloaded, we had a nice, low-key dinner, and Henry was very enthusiastic about helping me clean up the kitchen.


I don’t imagine this “Hey Dad, can I help you clean?!” spirit will last very long, so I boy will I ever take advantage of that while I can.