So this is one of those days, dear reader, where I’m going to admit that it’s been a pretty darn exhausting week and I don’t have a whole lot to stay in today’s post.

Wednesday was busy, too, but the kind of busy that wasn’t super interesting or the stuff of inspiring blogs. I spent much of the day (and night) finishing up an educational presentation about concrete, so that should give you a pretty good sense of things.

But, at one point, Henry wore a bowl on his head, so that was pretty funny.

I was also struck by the hysterical laughter coming out of our bedroom while the kids were watching cartoons, which turned out to be the very same Bugs Bunny cartoons I used to watch when I was little.

Other than that, it was a pretty standard evening. I played some superheroes with the kids. We all wore capes.

Mine happened to be pink with faux fur lining (not pictured here). But it was fun, and then it was bedtime. 

So for those loyal readers who made it through this post, I thank you. I promise to deliver some more interesting content sometime in the next few days. I will readily admit that there sometimes are those days/weeks where energy and inspiration are a little hard to come by. So early to bed tonight, and back at it tomorrow.