On Friday, we all worked really hard in the morning so we could take a little afternoon break to go make our annual pumpkin patch visit.

There is a pumpkin farm near us that has lots of fun fall activities, and has been part of our October tradition for several years. It also tends to be super busy, so Erin had the excellent idea of trying to get tickets sometime outside the usual weekend insanity.

Since Amelia’s remote schedule has her doing asynchronous learning in the afternoon, we decided to get tickets for lunchtime on Friday so we could all take a bit of an extended mid-day break and get our fall festivities in.

So I tried to get as much done in the AM as I could, and so did Amelia. She even joined me while she had a mapmaking exercise. It was fun having a little company at my desk, and I even turned to her for some help selecting a photo for a slide in the presentation I was working on.


After her morning classes ended and Henry wrapped up his therapy, we masked up, jumped in the car and headed to the pumpkin patch. We did pick a  good time. It was much less crowded than it typically is on weekends, so the kids got to have lots of fun in a safe environment. It was a delightful family afternoon.


There was a giant pumpkin carriage…


…some fun playgrounds  and mazes…


…a cool wooden train…


…and so much more. Amelia got her face painted and Henry spent some time on a cool combine slide. Having grown up on a farm with an actual combine (not one this fancy), it was cool seeing him take the wheel.


Amelia’s face painting turned out amazing, and she loved it.


After that, it was time to hustle off, and we each picked out a pumpkin. We had a really good haul.


After that, we headed home. Amelia finished up her schoolwork, I finished up my work-work, and then we ordered pizza and had a nice movie night. The kids have been really into Spongebob Squarepants lately, so we got the first Spongebob movie. It was fun, and I will readily admit that I’ve had had the song “Goofy Goober Rock” in my head ever since. “His chops are too righteous!”