Thursday was one of those days that I’m pretty sure any parent working from home with kids in virtual school can relate to. It felt like every time I got into any kind of groove working on what I was working on, Amelia would have an IT issue or Henry would want another snack, or something or other was going on.

“Dad, what’s my password again?”

“Daddy! I want sucker!”

Come to think of it, I want a sucker too. Hmm.

There are days where things with the kids go pretty smoothly, and there are also days where it feels like Erin and I are both fielding issues one after another after another. But, many deep breaths were taken, many tens were counted to, and the day soldiered forward.

On the plus side, Henry had an excellent session with his occupational therapist. One of the things he’s working on are fine motor skills, like being able to use a scissors, and Henry’s been making some really good progress. Amelia joined in and Henry’s OT coordinated a fun little art project making Halloween pumpkins out of construction paper.


Henry did really well, and he also was super cooperative and engaged for the whole session, which is also a big positive. After the session, Amelia went back to school, I went back to work, and Henry got a little nap. It was a beautiful day outside, so at the end of the day we went out for a nice autum walk to take in some of the fall colors, and neighborhood Halloween decorations.


From there, we made a stop at the playground and the kids got to run around and play superheroes.


After that, it was a nice stroll home, dinner, cartoons and bed. And I never did have that sucker.