So, short post today because Tuesday was pretty uneventful (come on…other than tacos, what happens on Tuesdays?) and because it got pretty late before I got to sit down to write this post, and I’m pretty tired.

There was work and all the regualar stuff during the day. Henry’s BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) is working with us on improving his sleep, and to help him settle down for a nap on his own, we offered up the prospect of going to the park later in the afternoon. He actually complied and did well, and it was a really nice afternoon, so I took the kids to one of the local parks. 

We call “the Red Park,” a clever name given the playground equipment is, you guessed it, red. But the we had the place to ourselves, and the kids launched into some fun imagination play. FIrst it was superheroes, and then it became some kind of superhero restaraunt. They used this little counter as the ordering area, and had me come up and order a variety of food.


It was a beautiful Fall day, and adorable watching the kids together.


Back at the house, we had dinner and hung out a while, and before bed, the kids also got into a very imaginative game of Barbies, which they strongly insisted I get involved with. So I wound up being Aladdin. 


I admit, I was pretty tired at that point and my play was pretty uninspired, but I went along for the ride as much as I could. Henry’s calming tent became a rocket ship, and we all took and adventure to the moon. I always wanted to go there. And to be Aladdin. 

Imagination…a place where anything is possible. Anything from short order park food to interstellar doll missions.