Sunday morning, we were all feeling pretty tired and lazy after our hike the previous day. While I was making breakfast, Henry came in with the decorative skull covering his face, and after I pretended to be afraid, he lowered it and said, “Don’t worry. It’s Henry.”

The kids also decided to rock out and jam. It was pretty impressive.


We did take some time on Sunday to take up the Halloween decorating a notch. Erin saw a cool idea online to use witches hats from the Target dollar section as ceiling ornaments. It does add some fun and festive drama.

Also from Target, the kids had superhero pumpkin decorating kids, so they went to work getting those ready.


We got our front porch all set up, and Amelia added to it with a bunch of chalk drawings.


She even drew one depicting our hike the previous day. Better than any of those pictures I took.

So at this point, I think our house is pretty well outfitted for Halloween, inside and out. It was a beautiful evening, and Erin and I sat outside enjoying the fresh air. After the kids were in bed, I was back outside, sitting on the front porch, lit by our spooky new spiderweb decoration.

I wanted to watch something Halloweenish, and ultimately settled on Ed Wood. Still one of my favorite Tim Burton movies, I hadn’t watched it in a while and I think it really holds up. I’m always fascinated by stories about people who have to overcome obstacles, and Ed Wood was a guy with a sincere passion for filmmaking, and his obstacle was that he was really, really bad at it.

But the movie has a really infectious positive energy, and a great cast. And it was probably one of the last roles Johnny Depp played that didn’t involve some kind of elaborate wig. 

I’ll close with a quote from a scene in the movie where Wood has an encounter with Orson Welles, who tells him,” Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?”