For some reason, it didn’t really hit me until I sat down to write this evening that today’s blog marks a new milestone for Ps and Q. The big number 200.

I’ve marked some of the other milestones with special posts, and taken the time to  reflect upon the journey and where things are. While I’m definitely due a post like that, I believe I will save that one for another day. There’s no philosophical or editorial reasoning for that. It’s basically just that I had a super busy day and don’t have a whole lot of writing in me today.

And full disclosure, I was already struggling to write anything today, and actually wrote this entire post and had my browser freeze on me. Ilost about 80 percent of what I had written, and had to start over. Sigh. I’d like to lie and tell you the original post was brilliant, but it was pretty so-so. My main frustration is that I don’t want to lose this dare with myself on the 200th day, but I sure don’t feel like writing either.

Oh well. Obstacles are part of the journey of life, and on I go. So to mark this occasion I will simply say, “Wow, can you believe it’s 200 posts,” I’ll give myself a little pat on the back for sticking with this for so long, and I’ll move onto a nice simple post to talk a bit about our day yesterday.

Amelia had her annual physical, so we also got an appointment for Henry so they could both get their flu shots. We promised them something fun afterward as a way to help ease the anxiety of getting shots. They were troupers, and now at least the whole family is flu vaccinated for the season.

Afterward, we got the kids a treat and then headed to Target to pick up some fun new Halloween decorations. We had a solid Halloween game  before, but with everything going on this year, we wanted to make things as fun for the kids as possible. We got a cart and loaded it up with fun Halloween swag, and even introduced a new member of the family…Mr. Skeleton!

We got back home and went about decking the halls with skulls, webs, eyeball lights and all kinds of stuff. We put on some Halloween music, which to my understanding basically consists of The Monster Mash, Thriller and Ghostbusters.

We even got in a little pre-Halloween, in-house trick or treating!

The kids got really, really into the decorating and it was abundantly clear that we had made the right choice doing all of this. All of us had a lot of fun together and we’re happy with the finished product.


With all that done, we had dinner and then watched The Great Pumpkin together. The kids love it, and were acting out Snoopy scenes along with him. They are pretty good at it.

It was a fun day, and really got us all in the Halloween spirit. There is plenty of real horror in the world right now, to be sure. So I think there’s something soothing about leaning into the lighthearted, pretend spookiness of Halloween, this year, especially.