Tuesday I was pretty busy with work for much of the day, zipping between various Zoom meetings, phone calls and delivering a presentation. 

Erin and I also had a brief Zoom meeting with Amelia’s new virtual learning teacher, who she started with this week. She’s only a couple days in, but we’re relieved that so far, Amelia has connected well with her new teacher and is liking her new class.

It was a nice visit, and we were glad to hear a little more about the challenges educators are facing, andalso getting a chance to discuss some of the thoughts and concerns we have. It was a good conversation and we felt good knowing that Amelia is in good hands and sincere effort is being put into making the best of the educational situation we’re dealing with.

After Amelia finished her independent schoolwork in the afternoon, she went on an artistic and overall productive streak. First of all, she colored a picture for her brother. He loved it so much that he seriously insisted on taking it to bed with him.


She also suddenly came downstairs to show off the decorative mask she made completely on her own.

And after that, she wanted a snack and asked if she could help me make guacamole. She helps me get the ingredients together, squeezes in the lime juice, sprinkles in some salt and helps me mash it up. It was mighty good.


Later, I made some stir fry for dinner, and after that, Erin and I settled in to watch the debate.

Turns out I should made something easier on the stomach. Or just served bowls of vodka. OOOF. I won’t go into it, but I will note that Henry was sitting next to me with his tablet for part of it, and at one point he matter-of-factly looked up and shouted at the TV, “Be quiet!”

The lad is wise.