The other day, Erin read a story in a local publication about a new Japanese bakery not far from our house, so Saturday morning we decided to give it a shot. I took the kids with me, we got in line and picked up some yummy treats.

According the article, the owner’s speciality and what got her into baking to begin with were custard buns, so we got a couple of those, along with some fruit pastries, and macaroons for the kids. I also got a steamed pork bun.


The kids enjoyed themselves hanging out somewhere other than home while we waited.


Henry made a big fuss on the way to the car about wanting his macaroon immediately. While I initially protested that he should eat it at home, I quickly surrendered that rather pointless battle and let him have it. About halfway home, I looked back and saw that he was apparently not screaming about eating the macaroon. He just wanted to hold it. And that’s what he did, the whole way home. 

Okee doke. To each their own.

Anyway, everything was amazing. That steamed pork bun was delicious, and those custard buns were absoluately incredible. We’ll definitely be checking that out again sometime.

Other than that, we had a pretty low-key Saturday. Amelia spent some time working with Erin on training Asta. As always, she does a really good job.


In the afternoon, I had work on my submission for this screenwriting competition. I finally came up with an idea, and sitting down to work I put into practice the most tried and true technique of writers of all kinds…procrastination.

I wrote a little, and then figured I needed a sparkling water so I got that. Then I spent some time figuring out what music would put me in just the right mood. Then I wrote a little bit and decided I was kind of hungry. Can’t write on an empty stomach, I thought! So I made a nice nut and fruit cup. 

Anyway, I did ultimately get some writing done and was in a pretty good place. We were having some friends over for dinner that night, so I called it quits late in the afternoon to start meal prep.

It’s some friends of ours who follow the same basic safety guidelines, so we get together now and then so our kids can play and we can have some grown up time. It was a lot of fun hanging out and having adult conversation for a while. The kids had a blast, too. Amelia played so hard, she actually voluntarily went to bed at the end of the evening. That makes maybe 5 times that has happened in her whole life. Good day all around.