Friday was fairly uneventful, as we found ourselves cruising into the first weekend we’ve had a little while without major plans or travel on the agenda. Amelia had school, I had a few calls and meetings, yadda, yadda. But the big excitement came later in the day.

The day before, a package had arrived for Amelia. She will be celebrating her seventh birthday on Monday, and while we were in Wisconsin, she got to talking with her Aunt Rosemary and they wound up shopping together for a birthday present. Rosemary was kind enough to order her a Barbie camper. 

It was late in the day, and Mommy and Daddy were a little too tired to deal with assembly then, but we told her we’d get it set up after school on Friday. So that we did, and I have to say, as a child at heart and appreciator of cool toys, this is a really cool toy. 

In much the way that cool toys I had growing up would have secret compartments or turn into other things, this Barbie camper has all that and more. It unfolds into a whole, shockingly intricate play set with grill, pool, full bathroom and shower, and even a boat for heaven’s sake. 

Amelia and Henry had a lot of fun playing with the new toy and created lots of exciting imaginary camping adventures together.


So big thanks to my sister Rosemary for the awesome gift that the kids both love, and also thanks from Erin and me, because it has kept them both occupied and happy for quite a while. 

It had been a long week, and we were all pretty worn out, so we ordered in some pizza. I had been pretty good about avoiding carbs all week in an effort to clean it up a little, but of course stuffed my face with that delicious, delicious pizza.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I regret nothing! Friday night pizza is always worth it.