Wednesday was our first full day back home, and all of us were pretty tired and struggling to adjust back to regular life. I was certainly fighting through some rust and mental cobwebs getting through emails and other work bric-a-brac that had piled up while we were gone.

Amelia struggled a little with school, too. She’s generally been pretty enthusiastic about online learning, but she wasn’t very into it on this particular day. Right now, Wednesdays are individual learning days for her, so rather than tune into regular classroom instruction, she has to complete a number of assignments.

Last week, the assignments maybe took her an hour, but they were told each week would ratchet up. Like last week, she wanted to get started right away in the morning to get it finished and done. So at first things were going well, but when she saw there was more to do this time, she got pretty frustrated because she wanted to play with her brother.

Erin and I had to coach and cajole her through it, but she did eventually get the work done and indeed got to go off and play with her brother. Henry was also pretty tired and cranky most of the day, so I figured it would be good for us to get out of the house a little. We needed to restock the house with groceries and such, so I took the kids out with me to Boulder to run errands.

While chilly and still a little snowy out, it was nice that some of the haze from the wildfires had gone and we had a better look at the foothills and mountains. It does feel good to be back home.

We made the rounds and picked up what we needed. Other than constantly complaining about various snacks and junk food they wanted to eat, they were in relatively good spirits.

While in line to check out at Target, I saw this.

I don’t know…I don’t find those cups all that entertaining. They are clear and just kind of sit there. To each their own, I guess. Some people must be easily entertained.