Monday morning, we got our stuff packed up and made ready to leave Milwaukee and start the 2-day trek back to Colorado. We were a little tired. It was a jam-packed couple of days, and while we enjoyed our stay at the downtown Aloft hotel, it turns out that we happened to be in town the same weekend as the usual Harley Davidson anniversary gathering, and for some reason there was an endless stream of Harleys driving around the vicinity of our hotel around 3:30am both nights we stayed there. 

Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for many things, but smooth, quiet engines are not among them.

Some enthusiasts were staying at our hotel and a few bikes were parked out front. I took Henry with me to take Asta outside, and caught him just as he was about to touch one of the bikes. I was scared for a second that we might have a Pee Wee Herman moment.

Thankfully, we were able to depart without incident. We loaded up with coffee and packed up the car. The kids were really sad to leave. We had a great time seeing family, and indeed the trip went by all too fast. But it was time to get back to reality. The kids waved a photo goodbye to the family.

And we were off. On day one, our destination was Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s a little over 8 hours, and a bit past the halfway mark for us. We generally try to do a longer day first to make it a little shorter on the second day.

The trip went smoothly. The kids are great travelers and we made pretty good time. We didn’t really see any Harleys on the road, either, so I can only assume all of them are still driving around that Aloft.

We got to hotel in Lincoln, exhausted, and pretty much collapsed. We ordered some pizza and got jammies on.

The weather told us that there is snow and lousy weather to look forward to on the rest of the drive home, so it’s an early start on tap for the next day. Woohoo!