Saturday morning, the kids got up filled with enthusiasm to hit the road!


OK, maybe not all that enthusiastic, but we were able to bribe them with donuts, which is always an effective approach.


With a proper sugar rush, we were all able to handle another day on the great American highway. It was at least a shorter day than the one before.  And we had anotheer great picnic at a particularly nice rest stop in Iowa.


When we hit the Wisconsin border, the kids both erupted with cheers. We got to Milwaukee and got settled into our hotel. It was a nice evening and we found a spot across the river where we had some nice outdoor space to have some dinner and later meet up with family. In true Wisconsin fashion, the first things we ordered were cheese curds and an enormous pretzel.

THAT’s Wisconsin. I had been trying to avoid the carbs to better fit into my wedding suit, but come on. That was so good, I have zero regrets.

Later, family showed up and we had a wonderful time catching up outside. 


It was fun, and after a long day of travel, it was great to see family. But big day ahead on Sunday, with Dave and Jessica’s wedding. We walked back across the river and got to bed. Move family fun tomorrow.