Thursday was a flurry of activity in the Schneider Haus. Lots to do and get ready before hitting the road on Friday. I had a long to do list on Wednesday, and probably double that on Thursday. So taking Amelia’s example from yesterday, I hunkered down early and at least knocked a bunch of work items off the list.

Later in the morning, I took a little time to quick mow the lawn. As luck would have it, it looks like the mower knocked off one of our sprinkler heads.

Hrrrm. So I called our sprinkler guy in hopes he could come out and get it fixed before we left, but no dice. With a 100-degree weekend coming up here around Denver, we were hoping to be able to get it running, and fortunately he is able to come out and fix it while we’re gone. That is super nice of home, and we are glad to know we won’t come back to a dried out husk of a yard next week.

But I digress. We packed, we prepped, and we rushed around getting things ready to go. Suitcases were packed, bags of snacks prepared, and picnic supplies packaged and set up.

We spent a lot of time asking ourselves, “What are we forgetting?” We made lists, we checked them twice. We did remember the most important element of any long road trip with two kids.

That’s right, fully charged electronic devices. Any traveling parent knows the importance of those. People ask how our kids are able to endure long road trips, and there you have it. That’s the secret sauce.

Somewhere around 10:00pm, I finally wrapped up, having marked off almost everything on my to do list. The only thing I missed was vacuuming. So that sucks. Or…more accurately…doesn’t suck. (Get it? Eh? Eh?)

Anyway, I am relatively confident that we are ready to go. I look forward to tomorrow’s blog when we’ll all find out together what I forgot to pack.