Monday kicked off busy and the day seemed to fly by. It was a beautiful, almost fall-like morning, so I got out for a quick run and then got to work. 

The morning whisked by in a blur, and then I headed out to run a few errands. We had gone to Grnadma and Pop Pop’s house the day before for an early celebration of Grandma’s birthday, and this evening we were having them over to our house to continue the celebration.

Because that fall feeling was in the air, I was inspired to roast a chicken. It fills the house with amazing, comforting smells and it’s something I love to make and, ultimately, to eat.

Late in the afternoon, I put the chicken in and was getting a few things ready around the house when I suddenly realized my stomach was feeling a little off. It quickly hit me that the day had been so busy, I frankly forgot to eat. 

Now, I am no means suffering from starvation and clearly I am OK to miss a meal here and there, but my body can get pretty angry about things like this. I was feeling off, but I didn’t think much of it. I had some nuts and powered through and figured I’d feel better after I ate.

Grandma and Pop Pop came over, and for a while I was feeling a little better. The chicken came out reallly well, and I served up, but by the time I sat down to eat, I stared at my afternnon’s work and…yeah, I couldn’t eat it.

After a few bites, I was feeling full-on nauseous, and about all I could handle was some sparking water.

I felt bad, but I had to excuse myself to ice down on the crunch for a little while. By the time everyone was finished with dinner and Grandma blew out the candles, I was feeling really rotten and headed upstairs to bed. 

I was starting to feel warm, so took my temperature and sure enough. It was right around 100. At this point, I began to freak out a little. Because these days it’s hard for any of us to associate a fever with much other than COVID. 

In an abundance of caution, I isolated myself from Erin and the kids for the evening. My stomach did feel better after a few hours, and I was able to eat a little dry cereal, but when I went to sleep, I still had an elevated temperature and I was thinking that I’d probably be going out for a test in the morning.

Fortunately, I woke up in the morning with the fever completely gone and feeing much better. I’m still not exactly sure what happened. Maybe it was a super fast moving stomach bug, or maybe my body was just that far out of whack after a day with a bunch of physical activity, too much coffee and too little food.

It did certainly bring back into focus how much I do not want to get this thing. For the few hours I thought I might be getting it, I was very, very worried. Yes, somewhat for myself, but mostly for the fact that my having it would have meant possibly spreading it to the people close to me. I am thankful that didn’t end up being the case. This little bout was a healthy reminder to me of why we take all the precautions we do. 

It also reminded me of how much I love chilled, sparkling water. I may grab another glass right now.