Quick post tonight, recapping Sunday for us. It was a nice morning and after a busy week, where mornings seemed to whip on by, I took advantage of a rare slow-moving morning to go out for a morning run. The kids definitely needed some fresh air, so I took them with me, getting my extra resistance pushing the double stroller. 

Amelia got out and ran with me for a little while. She is FAST.

After the run, burning off a few calories, I figured it was time to put a few of them back on. I made myself a nice spinach, kale and goat cheese omelette, along with some bacon and a little avocado on tomato

It was mighty yummy. A little later, we got cleaned up and headed over to Grandm and Pop-Pop’s house for dinner. It’s Grandma’s birthday on Monday, so we got a little early celebration in. Of course, Amelia and Henry were integral in blowing out those candles.

That was really about it for Sunday. It was pretty low key. We’ll definitely grab th0se days when we can.