Nothing I could write about my day on Wednesday, which was pretty lame even for a Wednesday, could match the story told by what I discovered on my phone late last night.

We had a rather informal “dinner” kind of night, and the kids were eating some various leftovers and odds and ends, and I let them listen to some music on my phone. Henry was playing DJ, and I decided to make myself some tuna salad.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Henry was capturing the whole scene through the magic of photography. What follows is a glimpse at the world through Henry’s eyes. I present…

Wednesday Tableau

By Henry Schneider


“The floor. Hardwood. Like life, both warm and relentlessly rigid.”

“Blueberries. Tasty, tangy, antioxidants!” 


“Dad is making tuna salad. I don’t get it, and…wait a minute, is he licking out the tuna from the can? That guy is gross.”

“Amelia loves blueberries, too. She has excellent taste.”

“Graham cracker!!!”


“Dad still working on that tuna salad. Seriously, how much mustard does a man need?”


“My sister, Amelia.”