Monday morning, we woke up to one last morning in Avon. I have to say that pulling open the curtains and starting the day to this view is something a person could get used to.

We were heading back later that day. I had some work to do in the morning, and a presentation to give at lunchtime, so I set up a little temporary office in the hotel room and did some, as Elvis would call it, TCB. Takin’ care of business.

Of course, no business I took care of could possibly be approaching Elvis cool, but hey, I got some stuff done and the presentation went pretty well. Sometimes a change of scenery can do a body good.

After that, I checked out, took the afternoon off and met the rest of the group in nearby Beaver Creek to walk around a little bit. It was a nice afternoon and we soaked in the atmosphere for a little longer before heading back home.

We hit the road and headed back down the mountain and back to home and reality. It was a quick getaway, but good for the soul.