On Sunday, we got to sleep in a little bit and have a bit of a lazy morning, which was really nice. Later, we all got together and headed into Vail. We masked up and walked along the river for a while. The kids had a great time being outside.

We found a nice spot for lunch, where we could sit outside right next to the river.

After lunch, we walked around a bit more. The weather was nice and it was fun to be out, but after Henry’s second or third exhaustion tantrum, it became pretty clear that someone needed a nap.

By “someone,” i mean all the grown ups, and sure, Henry too.

We all took it easy for a while back at the hotel, but the never-tired Amelia was getting bored and wanted to do something. So I asked her if she’d like to go for a walk with me.

The night before, while Erin and I were at dinner, Grnadma and Pop Pop had taken Amelia and Henry down by the river running by the hotel. There is a great little path there, and places you can wade in a little. Amelia was very excited to show it to me.


We spent some time in and near the river. Amelia showed it off to me as if she had personally discovered it. I loved her excitement and how thrilled she was to share this with me.


We had a great walk and chatted about all kinds of things. It was lovely, and while my first thought was that I was a little bummed to cut my nap short, I was really glad we had this little time together.

After our stroll, we headed back to the hotel and gathered the group up for dinner. The hotel has a really large outdoor terrace with very spread out tables for dining, which was great. We got a nice spot and Amelia went right to work capturing the view on her Fire tablet.

There was even a live singer added some extra ambience. We had a good dinner and enjoyed the pleasant evening weather.

It’s always great to be in the mountains, we love it under any circumstances. Yes, we wear masks, we take tons of precautions and we can’t do everything we’d normally do, but we get to be up here and we are thankful for that. It is extraordinarily difficult to find ways to live life and also be safe and responsible. We continue to do our best to try to walk that balance.