Late post today, so I will keep this one pretty brief. And that works out nicely because Sunday was a day that was pretty lacking in things to report. It was a nice, low-key Sunday. As a fan of nice, low-key Sundays, that was very welcome to me.

The kids played together really well all day. They even played games together on one of their Amazon Fire tablets, which struck me as impressive since usually any kind of sharing in the realm of electronics usually generates bitter and long-ranging skirmishes akin to Germany and France bickering over Alsace-Lorraine. 

The lawn needed mowing, and I managed to get that done. I can’t mow the lawn of my quaint suburban home without humming the Monkees “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

It just now occurs to me that my quarantine hair, approaching 6 months without a haircut, is approaching Mike Nesmith level.

It was mighty hot outside that afternoon, so we set up the inflatable pool and sprinklator. The kids had a great time running around between the two, creating imaginary adventures.

Henry reached his limit before Amelia, and she was bummed to be playing out there alone, so I agreed to make a few runs through the sprinkler, too.

The photo reminded me of Kirk and Spock jumping through a time tunnel.

But unlike Kirk and Spock, we landed in 2020 instead of Depression Era New York. That’s probably good, right?

We also spent some time making calls and catching up with friends and family. It was nice to talk with people. We checked in my parents, and I’m glad to say both are doing well. Dad said he was feeling a little bit better, and Mom is hanging in there, so far not showing any symptoms herself. Once again, I appreciate very much everyone’s positive thoughts and prayers. So far, so good.

I made some scallops for dinner, and capped off the evening with a little escapism, watching The Naked Gun. A classic. 

“Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo!” 

It is indeed.