Friday was a pretty busy work day for me, but i wasn’t the only one staring into the entrancing glow of a computer screen. That’s right, we got ourselves a new computer user in the family.

Amelia is going to be starting virtual school for a least the first month of the new school year, and we thought it was time she had her own device to do it. So we found a reasonable Chromebook online and ordered it for her. The delivery date was set for Friday and every day Amelia asked, “is it Friday yet?”

We felt a little weird ordering a computer for our not-quite-seven-year-old daughter. I was closer to 27 when I got the first computer of my very own. Of course, times have changed. I bet she won’t be using Napster quite as much as I did on my first computer.

The Chromebook arrived as scheduled on Friday morning, and Amelia was super excited.

Welcoming a new computer to the family, the nerd in me can’t help but make this Star Trek reference:

Now that’s out of my system. Back to the blog.

Anyway, we got it set up and Amelia spent lots of time picking her background wallpaper, eventually settling on some kind of castle with mountains in background image. From there it was onto Sesame and some fun Grover videos.

Other than that, the day was pretty worky for me. In the evening, we headed out to see some friends of ours we hadn’t seen since before quarantine started. They have a nice backyard so we had a great outdoor get together, complete with pizza and s’mores.

The kids enjoyed playing for a while with some other kids, and we grown ups enjoyed having some actual human interaction and conversation. It was a nice evening all around, and ended with the added bonus of getting home a little late, so the kids were exhausted and went right to bed. I’ll take that anytime.